QUARTERS Magazine!

Introducing QUARTERS Magazine — a new publication from the Paint & Decorating Retailers Association (PDRA) which allows participating members to customize a high-end lifestyle magazine for their stores and customers. The content is of exceptional quality with beautiful and inspiring photography paired with expertly written articles to help you refine your sense of style.

This season's issue features Tommy's Paint Pot! Printed copies are available in our stores; we encourage you to drop in and pick up a copy for yourself, and perhaps a few extra for friends and family. We hope to continue to bring you QUARTERS Magazine up to four times a year, so sign up for our eNewsletter and don’t miss an issue. Please drop us a note at info@tommyspaint.com and let us know what you think of our magazine, or if you would like to distribute copies at your local office or place of business. Enjoy QUARTERS!

Preview the issue below or open for full viewing in a new tab.